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Strawberry Black
  • Strawberry Black

    Strawberry black tea is the perfect mix the sweet taste of strawberries with a fresh Ceylon black tea. Cool, sweet with real strawberries.  It's a taste you'll drink hot or cold all year long


    Health Benefits: Despite the name, the strawberry is not a true berry but a pseudocarp, which means some of the fruit’s flesh sprouted from nearby accessory tissue of the plant instead of an ovary. Nevertheless, the fruit provides sustenance for a variety of wildlife and a good reason for people to make jam. Although all members of the Fragaria genus bear strawberries of varying size and sweetness, F. vesca, also known as woodland strawberry, is the species used in folk medicine to make tea from the leaves. Traditionally, strawberry tea is used to treat diarrhea and is applied externally to ease inflammatory skin disorders and joint pain.