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Peach Green
  • Peach Green

    Smooth, mellow Green Tea blended with an infusion of tropical peaches. This fruity tea is light and delicate with a soft flavor of tropical peaches to quench your thirst.


    Health BenefitsBrewed peach green tea, without sweeteners or creamers, is beneficial if you are trying to lose weight or control weight by limiting your daily calorie intake. This type of tea is virtually calorie-free, and provides you with a hot or cold drink option without adding calories. Both brewed and bottled teas contain virtually no fat -- another nutritional benefit if you are following a low-fat diet. The bottled teas may have more calories than brewed teas, but even a bottled tea contains significantly fewer calories than a sweetened soda beverage such as a cola. Drinking bottled peach tea instead of soda drinks on a regular basis can save you a lot of calories over time.