Lily's Story

Meet Lily 

Lily Tea Company is a family owned and operated business named after the late Regina Lilian (Lily) Blackwell. Lily sparked the idea of sharing the amazing taste of Ceylon Tea after traveling back to her home country of Sri-Lanka in 2006 to help in wake of the destruction of the 2005 tsunami. During her travels and volunteer work she fell in love with the 300 plus year tradition of "Ceylon Tea Time."

Regina Lilian Blackwell worked as nurse for over 40 years. After leaving Sri-Lanka at 18 years old she received her nursing degree in London, England. From London, Lily marched to Munich, Germany where she quickly learned to speak fluent German working as a nurse. In Munich is where she also met her future husband of 45 years an American Dimetrius F. Blackwell who was stationed in Munich after the Vietnam War. After the marriage both moved to New Jersey, USA.

Lily was the school nurse at St. Benedicts Preparatory School in Newark, NJ for 24 years and in 2010 became an Hononary Alumni for all her time, effort and dedication to the school. During that time Lily also was a nurse at St. Barnabas Hospital in Livingston, NJ for over 20 years. A true volunteer and philanthropist she spread her heart and love to everyone she met. Now we are sharing her story, legacy and life one sip at a time with Lily Tea Company.